Off the Cuff with Andrew McGreevy

Andrew McGreevy is a senior here at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He’s expected to graduate spring of 2015, with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education, including an emphasis in English and Language Arts.

McGreevy is focusing his blog’s story beat on local arts because he’s passionate about the arts. He has been involved in theater and has worked as a professional actor for many years. He decided to combine his passions with a teaching degree. Since theater and acting gigs require so much travel it’s a major reason he decided on teaching being that he has a family now.

“Teaching was the next best fit,” said McGreevy.

From stage acting to commercial acting, McGreevy has been involved in a variety of artistic performance, both classic and contemporary. He’s played roles in both children’s theatre and Shakespeare.

“My forte is cutting edge contemporary. It hasn’t been done much in the Midwest,” said McGreevy.

Audiences can watch McGreevy in his first film role, premiering in two weeks at Aksarben Cinema. He acted as well as wrote in the locally produced film “Bent Over Neal,” an indie comedy drama.

He recently just finished filming his second film, “Endor,” as a writer and co-director. The horror film will be showcased in limited theaters such as Aksarben Cinema this January.

McGreevy is happy to combine his career with his love of writing that has travelled with him through the years. He was involved in Speech in his youth, in high school and has also coached and judged competitions.

“I still judge to this day during high school Forensics season,” said McGreevy.

McGreevy has dabbled in journalistic writing as well, with featured work in The Gateway, Papillion Times and Ralston Recorder.

“It’s important when you teach to have some experience with it,” said McGreevy.

McGreevy said his high school theater teacher was influential to him by keeping him honest and focused. With similar career paths, his theater teacher was also a professional actor before entering the world of teaching.

The words to best describe McGreevy’s style of writing include determined, off the cuff and dark.

When he’s not writing for class or screenplays, he enjoys writing creative non-fiction and short stories under 1,000 words.

“It’s kind of like snapshot writing,” said McGreevy. “You write about something that’s happened to you or what you’ve experienced. And in that short amount of time, you’ve got to connect with people or make a statement.”

Catch McGreevy in one of his up-and-coming flicks, where he’s sure to make a connection through the big screen!


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