Reward Your Ears with Waning Gibbous

Whether you’re trying to relax or stay focused during midterms, music is a great resource to turn to. According to Business Insider some of the best music to listen to stay productive is lyric-less. Luckily core band members Brett Kelly, Sam Burt, Jon Ochsner, Maya Khasin and Emily Wynn have a solution to your ambient music needs in the form of Waning Gibbous. The local Omaha-Lincoln band just dropped their self-titled album about a week ago.

Since November of 2014 the core group plus musical guests have made a conscious effort to meet and record during every full moon the past 15 months.

The group is fully open to new ideas, additional musicians, new instruments and all types of natural sound.  They’ve had 16 musical guests over the course of their 13-song album. With core bandmates traveling between Omaha and Lincoln to record sessions listeners get to hear the sounds of two cities, from season-to-season, a little over a year’s time. No sound is off limits.

So, if midterm studying has got you feeling tired or perplexed, take some time to energize and unwind to the sounds of Waning Gibbous‘ new lunar music. Click the photo below for the tunes:

waning gibbous