Twitter Assignment Recap: Presidential Address to Congress

I found the #msuno Twitter experience different than the last time I did a live tweeting assignment. Overall I didn’t like the experience. I didn’t really get to enjoy (not that I really enjoyed it, but you know what I mean) watching his speech because I was trying to tweet at the speed of light and listen at the same time. I felt like Trump’s first Address to Congress went by really quick and it was hard to keep up with the tweeting.

Also, it was difficult because he changed topics so often one after another in between way too much clapping. He really was all over the place and before I could decipher what he had said, then the camera would zoom out to the crowd clapping every other minute for the entire live stream of the meeting, which was distracting. The organization of his speech could have probably been set up differently and easier to digest. Or perhaps he could have picked a handful of subjects instead of barely going into detail for each talking point.

Before tweeting, I had another tab pulled up to fact check some of his statements. That was hard to keep up on, too! He listed off a lot of numbers and statistics I wanted to check on before tweeting. I’m interested in hearing about the fact checking results tomorrow.

One way I might find value in keeping or maintaining my Twitter account after the semester ends is just following the news sources and comedians I already follow, and seeing what crazy think Trump tweets here and there. I’m also required to have a Twitter account for work reasons helping with leadership’s social media, so there’s that too for a reason why I’d maintain the account. Like Facebook, I don’t keep my Twitter public so it doesn’t really serve a purpose as far as networking goes. I know many people use Twitter for their own businesses, which I don’t have. I think LinkedIn is better for networking, etc.

My twitter: – @KaityJankovich


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