Instagram Assignment Recap

The five Instagram accounts I followed for the Instagram assignment were:

KETV NewsWatch 7 has 15.3k followers and 153 posts that mainly focus on holidays, sports, weather, some newsroom photos, a few photos of what’s happening in the community, photos of guests on the show, and a few photos stating to check out their website for an article related to the posted photo. The early posts didn’t get much feedback. One of the first posts that had a lot of likes, 72 likes, was regarding fallen officer Kerrie Orozco—a very serious post and something that really impacted the community. #tbt posts of the reporters got a decent amount of likes showing the community is interested in the reporters working at the station. Their most liked photo, at 373 likes, was one on the M’s pub explosion/fire that happened last winter. That was a huge story. I’m wondering if their Instagram began to pick up more followers during that time. They aren’t very active and posts are sporadic. The last five recent posts were on Valentine’s Day (5 weeks ago), Carrie Fisher’s death (12 weeks ago), Veterans Day post (19 weeks ago), voting day (19 weeks ago), and a Nebraska-Wisconsin football post (21 weeks ago). It’s clear they aren’t really using Instagram often or to increase their storytelling. The last post asked what people thought about Valentine’s Day, which really isn’t news related. I didn’t find anything they posted inappropriate. Even the comments (which weren’t often) to be positive, i.e. not many trolls like on Facebook.

Chinh Doan, reporter at KETV NewsWatch 7, has 3,272 followers and 1,692 posts showing just how active she is on social media. Her posts really aren’t related to the news. It just seems like a personal account of her life outside of work (family, friends, events, food, pets, hobbies, etc.). I didn’t go that far back but found one news related post about her climbing into a “38-foot-deep hole in high heels for TV.” She’s obviously more active and posts more frequently so had more comments and likes compared to KETV’s Instagram.

NPR has 742k followers and 1,083 posts. They had typically 2,000 or more likes on their photos/videos and comments ranging from 20 to 200. A series of 4 photos was (posted 4 weeks ago) regarding shutting down the Oceti Sakowin camp, ending the months-long protest against completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline. So many broken heart and crying emojis were posted regarding the sad, raw and emotional series of photos of the police and water protectors. One comment that caught my eye was “The silver lining is in these comments. Our hearts are heavy but we will resist.” This post really enhanced their storytelling and their caption said, “Follow the link in our bio for the full story and more photos.” I’m sure reaching audiences through Instagram helps bring traffic to their website. As far as content, their Instagram feed reflects their news, everything from national, worldwide, arts, culture, music, etc.

Ari Shapiro of NPR has 57.5k followers and 1,779 posts. His feed includes everything to what up-and-coming stories he’s working on, newsroom related posts, funny posts and personal posts like family, friends, his travels and his hobbies like singing. He gets lots of comments and traffic on his feed. One thing I noticed is how active he is responding to commenters when they have questions. I thought that was neat. It’s clear Ari is an amazing storyteller, whether on All Things Considered or through his Instagram photos and captions. He has a good eye and his photos/videos capture the moment/story well.

Washington Post has 592k followers and 1,053 posts. Their posts are pretty much the explanation provided in the bio up top: “Photos and videos from our reporters and photographers from D.C. to around the world.” Their feed reflects their news site. Users are commenting and liking the photos. There’s notably a lot of trolling in the comments section.


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