The Tenth Street Market: Where Little Italy Meets Little Bohemia

The Tenth Street Market is a public market set to open by fall 2018. Located on historic 10th Street, it’s “where Little Italy meets Little Bohemia.”

Laura Hall is a marketing and development specialist at Vic Gutman & Associates, the development company behind the new public market. She’s also the project coordinator for the Tenth Street Market.

The market will be open year-round and offer spaces for local entrepreneurs to grow their food businesses. The community can look forward to a variety of affordable, healthy food options.

“The types of vendors that you can expect to see are things like are bread bakeries and sweet bakeries, small scale butcher, a seafood market, produce. We’ll have vendors that sell herbs and spices, dairy and cheese products, and prepared foods focusing on different kinds of ethnic foods,” said Hall.

Hall said they will also have vendors including coffee roasters, a honey vendor, a florist and other prepared foods such as granola, jerky and popcorn customers can enjoy while perusing the market.

“There’s a local brewery that we’ve been talking with that’s interested in doing their production on site. We would have the opportunity to do tours of their production space. We do plan on having a liquor license throughout the whole building too, so people will be able to get a glass of wine or a beer and kind of walk around and do their shopping,” said Hall.

Hall said not only will this help fill the need for a food market in the area, but will also be a great gathering space and place for meeting new people—benefiting both the community and market entrepreneurs.

For the UNO School of Communication, I’m Kaity Jankovich.


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