Celebrating Three Years of Yoga at Soul Elevations

Soul Elevations is a yoga studio located on historic 10th Street offering yoga, meditation, breath work classes, Reiki and more.

Before opening her studio, owner Tami Hoffman was always on the go. She was doing readings and Reiki out of her own home, and teaching classes at multiple rented spaces. She’s worked for Hyp-Yoga, taught yoga at elementary schools and after school programs, and volunteered her time instructing yoga at the Lydia House.

She’d also dabbled in corporate events, teaching a couple yoga classes at LinkedIn, some for a law firm, and lunch yoga sessions for an engineering company.

She was constantly traveling all over and decided it was time to give her practice a home. The studio just celebrated its three-year anniversary this March. She’s enjoyed her time since moving downtown in the Little Italy area.

“I think I’ve just been really surprised by the diversity and how warm people are—like they, they want to know—neighbors know each other. And I love the location and how close it is to everything,” said Hoffman.

The studio offers a variety of yoga classes for all learners, both young and old. Whether through her Little Mystics children’s yoga class, guided or crystal bowl meditation classes, gentle yoga, early morning yoga and tea class, or intermediate yoga, each class is small and intimate.

“I love all my classes. Maybe the one that my soul’s drawn to the most would be when I do my breath workshops. It’s integrated breath work and it’s an all day workshop. I think the reason it’s my favorite is because it really gets to the heart of things and it allows me to really get close to people,” said Hoffman.

For the UNO School of Communication, I’m Kaity Jankovich.



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