I’m a student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha majoring in Journalism (News Editorial) with a concentration in Creative Writing.

I spent the past four years writing in the financial services industry in corporate internal communications. Before entering the world of financial jargon, I started off by writing about some of my favorite businesses’  happenings for a year while working for a small local publication.

I enjoy dabbling in everything from creative writing, to human interest, writing graphic novels, songwriting, short stories, poetry, writing screenplays, crafting speeches and communications for leadership, suburban news pieces, or business proposals for local entrepreneurs. I can’t wait for when free time is more aplenty after graduation to dive back into my (outside of work/class) writing and creative passions.

After college I plan to:
a) celebrate by adding a Border Collie puppy to my fur family
b) continue on my career path
c) more writing of course—for fun!

Last year I featured some blog posts here throughout the spring semester regarding two of my favorite historic neighborhoods in Omaha—Little Italy and Little Bohemia. 

This summer semester, I’ll be featuring some of my visual communications and graphic design work. 


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